Fresh Start

Showered clean, towelled dry, and time for another dayn to get started. KW


Word for Wednesday – Disconsolate

Disconsolate /(dɪsˈkɒnsəlɪt)/ adjective sad beyond comfort; inconsolable disappointed; dejected I wouldn't, perhaps, go as far as saying I'm inconsolable, but "disappointed" and "dejected" are certainly accurate descriptions on my current frame of mind. A log-standing friendship has recently come to an end. It was one that was particularly special to me. I don't know the... Continue Reading →


Imagine for a moment that you've just eaten an ice cream, or drunk a very cold drink and that you've done either of these activities just a little bit too quickly. You will, almost certainly have experienced the "brain freeze" sensation; that sharp momentary pain as your brain tries to process the sudden reduction in... Continue Reading →

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