ScandalPrompt: “Chairs”

So, yeah, I attempted to go a little bit Christine Keeler with this one. Albeit a hairier version with male bits.

Anyway, it’s me, naked, and on a chair…


Who else is sinning this Sunday?
Click on the lips below to find out.

Sinful Sunday


19 thoughts on “Scandal

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  1. This is fabulous! I’ll admit I don’t get the Christine Keeler reference but it matters not because this is so much fun! Of course my eye is drawn to the obvious but there is also something completely wonderful about the way your arms and hands (yum) are perfectly parallel on the back of the chair. Almost like you’re going to break out dancing at any moment. I love it!


  2. Oh I love it! The Christine Keeler shot is such an iconic image (although I suspect the American’s have no idea who that is) but I am fairly sure her’s did not have revealing bars in the back of the chair, which is a shame I think and means you win 😉



  3. Fab photo as always, I thought about doing this type of pose but opted for a different one! Happy Sinful Sunday 😉


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