Helping Hands

Helping Hands (Colour)

Helping Hands (B&W)I had a bit of a struggle this week, trying to decide which edit to go for. In the end, I decided, what the hell? I’ll post both and let you choose your favourite. Hopefully, between the two, there should be something for everyone…


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Sinful Sunday

Sinful Sunday Top 5
Chosen by Kat.

Kat says: “The Hairy Kilted one knows how I feel about cock shots… not a fan! However, this time he produced a photo of his little friend that I really did enjoy looking at. I think it is his stance, so very masculine and strong that makes my eyes keep returning to the image on my iPad next to me as I type this. His arm and hand at the forefront of the picture also satisfy my hand/arm porn fetish very nicely. Finally, I love that although he looks very commanding he is vulnerable beneath her grasp. It’s a great shot.”


30 thoughts on “Helping Hands

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  1. Looking at this images I could feel in my mind those hands that has the nails and how with the nails could be gently stroking untill fullness takes place. Yes a real helping hand. I wish to experience this as well.


  2. I really can’t decide, both are fabulous. The only thing wrong with either photo is that it’s not my hands that are on that wonderfully manly body of yours…


  3. I like both of these. I can’t pick a favorite because the photo is so good. So many arms! It’s so beautiful. And I lvoe that I can see a bit of someone’s bedroom in the background. and the hands are so perfectly placed! Really, really love this!


  4. Haha, definitely looks like there is something for everyone here 😉

    I have studied each image in great detail but when I sit back my eye is drawn to the colour version more than the black and white, I think the colour gives it a depth that the black and white lacks. The little details appear more in the colour version, the line running down your balls, the detail and shape of your hair, the blue of your shirt, it is all just that little bit more vivid



  5. Holy shit! There’s no way in hell I can choose between these tow, both edits are fantastic.
    Such a powerful image, just wow…

    Flip xx


  6. I generally prefer B+W images but sometimes colour is better. It adds to the shot, and the colour version of this shot definitely adds something.


  7. Ooo. Two versions of sexy to delight us. The two edits gave a different effect on me. The colour one makes my gaze zoom in on your cock and the way her hand is wrapped so dynamically around it. It feels as though the colour and the energy of the picture is definitely focussed there. In the black and white there isn’t that draw of my eye to one place, so instead I take in all of your rather delicious physique and pose. There is the action but there is also more dynamic energy of what will be next shown by your posture and your hands. Hmm, I guess I can’t choose either. Xx


  8. I really like both but the colour one just edges it for me. And (totally random) this title and the way the hands are positioned on your body make me think of that scene in Labyrinth where Sarah falls down in the oubliette and the Helping Hands grip her body. (What can I say? My mind works in odd ways!) Jane xxx


  9. both images are absolutely stunningly beautiful and so very erotic!! biker hubby and I will reenact this image multiple times!!


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