Post-Match Shower

Post-Match ShowerAfter 80 minutes of running around a muddy field on a chilly, damp morning, it feels great to just stand there, letting the hot water run over you, easing the strains from protesting muscles.

Now, if anyone fancies giving me a post-match rubdown…


Who else is sinning this Sunday?
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Sinful Sunday


16 thoughts on “Post-Match Shower

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  1. Ohh I do love a post work out shower, somehow the aching muscles and the sense of having really moved your body makes them feel all the more pleasurable



  2. Great photo as always! Now about the post match rubdown ……..well I am a therapist so of course I’m interested ….. X


  3. I also really like the filter on it (and of course, gorgeous subject). Hot post-muddy / post-workout showers are heavenly to be sure!


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