A Different Perspective

From BelowOne of the most annoying things about my phone, is it’s tendency to randomly switch the camera on. This has led to a number of “interesting” photographs of the contents of my pockets, but mostly means I never have any phone battery when I need it.

When getting out of the shower, I noticed that the camera was on, and thought that the scene it was displaying was a bit different. So, I tapped the screen to take the photo, and this is the result. No filters, no posing, no attempting to frame the image, just a three second delay from me tapping the screen to the shutter clicking and capturing the image.


Who else is sinning this Sunday?
Click on the lips below to find out.

Sinful Sunday


18 thoughts on “A Different Perspective

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  1. I think the camera selected a perfect shot. I love the framing and the angle, definitely gives us viewers the impression of kneeling at your feet



  2. I’ve gotta give a big furry hand to the Wookie. He’s got guts. That’s the sound of one hand clapping. I have always wondered what the other hand is doing. Now I know. Bravo KW.


  3. I’m surprised there’s no filter – it’s so blue! I love the colors and light. I feel like you need to be holding a trident.


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