My Favourite

My FavouritePrompt: “Favourites”

I spend a lot of time in a lot of different beds. So far this year, the total is comfortably (or uncomfortably in some instances) in double figures.

My favourite bed is, however, my own. I just wish I could spend much more time in it.

There’s no place like home…


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Sinful Sunday


14 thoughts on “My Favourite

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  1. There definitely is no place like home, and this is one of the reasons why we very rarely go on holiday. We love being off from work, but then we prefer to stay home, to be in our own beds. Even though hotel beds can be very exciting 😉

    Rebel xox


  2. I love my own bed too but I also love a hotel room bed. Not all of them obviously, I have slept in some shockers but for me there is something intrinsically hot and suggestive about a hotel room…. but clearly when you are there on your own, that is not really the same



  3. I have a love/un-love (‘hate’ is far too strong a word) relationship with my own bed. I sleep better there (and have more non-sleeping activities there) than anywhere else, but I don’t sleep well, because it’s just not *comfortable* for me. (I need a new mattress, but alas, they don’t grow on trees.)

    You, however, look extremely comfy. 🙂

    I like your choice for the “favorite” theme.


  4. at the moment I am not very much in love with my bed, it is too soft. but the comfort I feel knowing i am in my room and at home, nothing can compare to that feeling.

    happy Sinful Sunday


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