A Time For Reflection

ReflectionThis is my 50th #SinfulSunday submission since I began in January last year with this post.

Now that isn’t a particularly long time, but it is a significant period. A lot of things, some good, some not so much, have happened in that time. I have got to “know” a number of you very well and I’ve been privileged to meet Big Miss Naughty, Exposing 40, Honey and The Other Livvy, and hopefully I will meet more of you in the future (I had hoped to meet many of you at Eroticon, but sadly, for a number of reasons, that isn’t to be). I’ve seen participants and bloggers come and go (some have even done both); so it is perhaps understandable that a certain amount of self-reflection goes on as I look back, and forward.

I’m not going to bore you with the details of my mental health concerns. The majority of you will already be acquainted with them and, while I sometimes express my thoughts on them in this blog, this isn’t really the post for it.

Some have noticed my recent “quietness” on Twitter. For me, Twitter has always had a kind of Jekyll and Hyde duality. On the one hand, it can be like having the world’s greatest support group at your fingertips. My followers and the friends I have made through this platform have helped me through some very dark times in my life.

At other times, because we are a very open community, we can, perhaps be guilty of oversharing our woes. I am no exception. When you are already low, seeing the suffering of others that you care about can increase your own pain, making Twitter a very difficult place to stay.

For me, that’s kind of where I am just now. My mood is not good, my blogging mojo has all but disappeared, and while I am eternally grateful to the support that is given so freely, I am aware of the burden it also places.

So for now, at least, I am contented to lurk, to hide in the shadows, to regroup and regather. I’ve been here before. The worst thing is the knowing that one day, I will inevitably be here again.

So, I reflect on the good that my participation in this community has brought me and, when I can, try to focus on the good that will, I am certain, come from it again.

For now however, there is a need for space for myself. This isn’t a farewell, this is not my final post. I just may not be quite as active a participant for a while.


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17 thoughts on “A Time For Reflection

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  1. I’m sorry you’re going through a bad phase with regards your mental health. I’ve been in a similar place myself recently and I’ve struggled with not wanting to sound too negative on Twitter yet needing somewhere to scream into!

    I hope you find the respite helps but I hope you’re back again soon. Just remember you aren’t alone, even if you feel it. Big Bee (((hugs))) coming your way.


  2. This is such a great shot. As someone already mentioned there is something very masculine about it and you have a truly fabulous body. I hope taking a bit of respite will give you the space you need to recover and I for one look forward to seeing you back in the blog world and especially on Sinful Sunday



  3. First of all, I love the image like I still love so many (all) of the images you have posted.

    Then, taking time for yourself is something you have to do when you need it. We all need time for ourselves at times and each of us do it differently. Take the time, get your balance back, get back to a place where you feel stronger and we will all be waiting here to welcome you back with open arms, because I would hate if you leave our community, which I am grateful that you’re not planning to do! And I definitely hope to meet you one day 🙂

    Rebel xox


  4. Gorgeous image.
    I wish you better mental health in the future. I will really miss you.
    Sending my love xx


  5. I identify with everything you’ve mentioned here about Twitter – such a roller coaster! Just know your contributions and blogging is liked and appreciated. And your nakedness is none too shabby either! Xox


  6. That’s the beauty of Twitter – you can come and go but it is always there – like a good friend 💕
    I hate that you’re feeling low. Here’s a hug x x o x


  7. I love perusing your Wookieness, you have a fantastic body. And I know what you mean about the duality of Twitter, it can be such a joy and such a downer. I don’t like to see you Wilted, but you have to do what’s right for you. I’m glad you are not leaving for good though. Sending you squishy hugs x


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