“D” is for Driving

D is for DrivingPrompt: “D Is For…”

What could be better on a lovely, warm, summer’s afternoon than a nice drive in the country? Somehow, it seemed appropriate to dig this one out of the vault and give it another airing, as it were.

Anyone fancy going for a (Sinful)Sunday drive?


Who else is sinning this Sunday?
Click on the lips below to find out.

Sinful Sunday

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46 thoughts on ““D” is for Driving

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  1. Very nice pic. I always get kind of a rush out of being naked in the car but I’ve only done it as a passenger. Hot


    1. There’s a picnic spot with car park in the woods that’s hidden from the main road which is about 10m away. I’ve used it for a few of my pics. Haven’t been caught yet, but it is quite a popular spot, and apparently not just for picnics… ๐Ÿ˜‰



  2. Be careful where that seatbelt sits, you don’t want any chafing

    I have gone without bottoms but never topless when driving. Bit tougher for women to get away with

    And on the subject of law….I think we do have slightly different laws with regards to being naked in public, which is not actually a criminal offense in the UK unless it is done to be offensive in which case you get charged with disorderly conduct or something like that..



  3. I always wonder if you guys have more lax nudity laws over there. I mean, aside from being self-conscious as fuck, I’d be afraid of getting arrested if I tried to wander about outside naked. lol


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