A Sinful Century

A Sinful CenturyI posted my very first #SinfulSunday photo back in January 2015, so this post marks my third anniversary as a “Sunday Sinner”. Since then I have become a fairly regular contributor, even making it on to the weekly top 5 on a number of occasions. What I hadn’t appreciated, until now was just how many “contributions” I had made. By a strange concentration of circumstance and coincidence, it turns out I am marking this anniversary with another landmark, that being that this is my 100th #SinfulSunday post.

As I may have mentioned before, I have a bit of an exhibitionist streak (pun most definitely intended). I am certainly not bashful about nudity, and the fact that I get a lot of very appreciative comments does tend to fuel that side of my nature.

I try, wherever possible, to inject some humour in my photos. Being male and, therefore, having a penis, if I’m posting naked images of myself, it stands to reason (if not necessarily always to attention), that those inches of me will feature in my photos. Although my penis does feature in a lot of my pictures, I do try not to make it the focus of them. If anything, the focus is on my hairiness more than anything else. Obviously, this is a “rule” that has some exceptions and, since the reason I first participated was to answer the call of Cheryl Kaye and Charlie Powell for “More Cock On #SinfulSunday“, this is one of those cases.

What I love most about #SinfulSunday though is the camaraderie. Here we have a community of people, of both sexes, of all ages, shapes and sizes, revealing as much of themselves as they are comfortable with, in the name of fun and sharing great photos amongst a safe and supportive group of fellow “sinners”. Yes, some of the photos are provocative, yes some are pornographic, but that’s not the point. The point is we are bravely sharing ourselves, not for titilation (although some of the photos can be), but for the joy of taking part. If someone gets aroused viewing a particular photo, that’s allowed, but it’s not required. For me, #SinfulSunday is a fun and joyous celebration of the human form, whether the participants be nude, part dressed or fully clothed. It’s a place where we can be as daring or as risque as we choose to be, while enjoying the freedom to be creative and express that creativity in whatever way we choose.

So with that, on behalf of all #SinfulSunday participants, I would like to express my gratitude to Molly for creating this wonderful meme.


Who else is sinning this Sunday?
Click on the lips below to find out.

Sinful Sunday


15 thoughts on “A Sinful Century

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  1. Happy 100th! I have found, from reading your words and enjoying your images over the years, that you always find something unique or interesting to focus on, apart from the obvious. I like that about you. 🙂


  2. There is something beautiful about this photo – the darkness and just a little light give so many delightful suggestions. Also congratulations on your hundred posts, that is a wonderful achievement. x


  3. Wow congrats on three years and 100 photos! There must have been a lot I missed as I’ve only been doing Sinful Sunday a year. I absolutely love how accurately you captured the essence of the meme. It really is a fabulous thing to be a part of.
    Aurora x


  4. Congratulations on 100 Sinful Sundays that is a fabulous achievement. Also thank you very much for the lovely words about the meme. I am hugely proud of the meme. It has exceeded all my expectations mainly because of all the fabulous people like yourself who have joined in and understood what it is about



  5. I agree with this post 1000%. I too am grateful to Molly for this meme and I love perusing the pictures of this little community every week. Congratulations on 100 🙂


  6. Congratulations on 100 and thanks from me as you were kinda the reason i got involved in SS – i used to sneak over and look at your photos 😉 then thought why don’t i join in too!


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