In The Mirror

In The Mirror
Prompt: “Spin The Wheels”

So, I span the wheels, and I got “Mirrors” and “Black & White“. This is the resulting image.

I’m going to be spinning the wheels each week during May, so let’s see what it gives me and, as a reult, what I give you…


Who else is sinning this Sunday?
Click on the lips below to find out.



34 thoughts on “In The Mirror

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  1. Your body looks fab in this shot, mirrors are great for erotic images, what a great result from your wheel spin!



  2. I really like the idea of continuing to spin these wheels – I think they’ve provided excellent fodder for creative ideas that never would have come to many of us!


  3. Such a lovely pose, beautiful! The way you’re holding yourself looks at once confident and a little vulnerable. 💓


  4. This is a great image.

    Also, I hope you won’t mind another chap saying that you’re a fine looking fellah? 🙂


  5. This is so gorgeous, and not just for the full frontal. I feel like the power in your chest and stomach is begging to be touched and pet, soft with hair, taut and ready for action.


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