Opposing Images

Opposing ImagesPrompt: “Diptych”

I am not the most artisticly minded (nor gifted) preson in the world so when Molly announced this month’s prompt, I’ll admit I scratched my head, shrugged my shoulders and basically had no idea how I would approach it. Flicking back through some of my old images, I stumbled upon one of me, reflected in the mirrored doors of the bathroom cabinet, almost perfectly bisected by the gap between the doors, and an idea began to take shape.

The result was what you see now. To be honest, I’m still not actually 100% certain whether or not it meets the prompt definition or not, but I’m not going to worry too much about that.


Who else is sinning this Sunday?
Click on the lips below to find out.



8 thoughts on “Opposing Images

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  1. This is an interesting image and I think that it really works. I like that you have used the colour next to the black and white too 🙂


  2. So for it to strictly be a diptych we only needed one of the double images not 2 but the point of the prompts is to encourage people to try something new, maybe learn a new skill and so you have definitely done that



  3. These are great images whether they meet the prompt or not – I love that you have made your self almost look like a woman down below – made me smile having seen from your other photos what a man u are 😉


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