(Not So) Golden Oldies

StrokeAs I mentioned last week, I was digging through my old images for inspiration. In the process, I found these, which just happen to be the first naughty photos I ever took. Long before I was kilted Wookie, long before I had a blog, long before I even had a digital camera or a camera on my mobile phone, I had a crappy low-res webcam and a lady-friend who expressed an interest in “seeing the goods before she sampled them”. The images, as you can see, will never win any awards for their quality, nor for the merits if any of their composition, but the woman in question liked what she saw and went on to enjoy them a number of times up close and in person.

Ahhh, memories…


Who else is sinning this Sunday?
Click on the lips below to find out.



9 thoughts on “(Not So) Golden Oldies

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  1. Photo quality is only one part of why an image is great. Also images that have special memories are somehow always good no matter what quality they are



  2. Awesome throw-back! Older images are always fun, and interesting to see how our photography/composition skills have improved over time. Thank you for sharing.


  3. This is exactly why I love photography, images have a wonderful way of taking you back to the moment they were taken. I’m not surprised she liked what she saw x


  4. “Memories can be beautiful but yet simply much too painful to remember” – not surprising she chose to sample though 😉


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