Unexpected Bonus

Unexpected BonusPrompt: “Bokeh”

When I took this photo, I quickly discovered that my lens wasn’t clean and, as a result, this was not the shot I was trying to take. I quickly cleaned the lens and retook the photo (posted here).

Obviously, I didn’t discard the first attempt because I quite liked the effect the smudge on the lens had produced; I just didn’t think I’d ever use it.

Imagine my surprise when I discovered that I had accidentally and inadvertently taken something that actually worked with this month’s prompt…


Who else is sinning this Sunday?
Click on the lips below to find out.


Sinful Sunday Top 5
Chosen by Molly Moore.

Molly says: “Confession: I have looked at this image a LOT. I find the way the light is falling across his cock highlighting the ridge of vein is beautiful and the way the light seems to be pooling in his hand somehow connects the two. I feel like he is about to touch himself, that I am waiting, for that moment to happen.”


16 thoughts on “Unexpected Bonus

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  1. Oh my this is so beautiful. I love the way the light is catching your penis, especially that little ridge of the vein and there is something about the placement of your hand as if you might be about to touch yourself that I find tantalizing



  2. I have a confession … I actually favour this image over the one you previously shared, which just goes to show that I like things dirty, which is really no surprise :p


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