Standing Stone

Standing StonePrompt: “Outtake”

This picture is kind of a catalogue of errors and I always wondered if/when I’d ever be able to use it.

It does demonstrate some of the difficulties of taking selfies. It was taken at mid-summer last year. Believe it or not, there was actuially a fair bit of light still in the sky as in that part of the North of Scotland, the sun barely sinks below the horizon. It’s not “midnight sun” by any means, but it is very definitely twilight. Anyway, over setting the flash means like it looks like it was taken in pitch blackness when it wasnt. Also, despite having first framed it and carefully working out where I’d need to stand to get me and the stone fully in the frame, I somehow managed to adjust the zoom while setting the timer.

If it could go wrong, it did. I have, however alwats quite liked the photo, and I’m so glad Molly finally gave me an excuse to use it.

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10 thoughts on “Standing Stone

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  1. My comments on your photos are always so thirsty, because: twitter crush but I do really love this one. It highlights the strength of your body beautifully. Great share, thank you.


  2. I really like this. Your body parallel to the stone is a lovely composition and there’s something very magical about it (I’ve probably read too much Outlander) like you’re just stepping into another world.

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  3. I’m with Indigo… the over flash makes lovely shapes on your body which are reflected in the the lichen…almost as though it were planned 🙂


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