Naked Running

Naked RunningPrompt: “Get Down Low”

I do a fair amount of running; typically between 15-20km each week. Usually, my running is done “naked”. Now, as appealing as that may sound, and the evidence of the photograph above to the contrary, naked running isn’t quite what you might think. In runner’s parlance, “naked running” is simply running without music or podcasts, listening to the sounds around you as the sounds of nature around you as you lope gracefully and gazelle-like (or not, as the case may be). through the countryside.

I admit, the reality may not be quite as naughty as the name first suggests, but it’s less likely to result in chafing and/or being charged with indecent exposure, and there are bits you definitely don’t want coming into contact with nettles or brambles…



11 thoughts on “Naked Running

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  1. I can’t imagine running without some kind of music. Not that I don’t enjoy nature, but I seem to have better drive with music pushing me along. Thank you for the explanation (and the photo).


  2. Good image KW – and thanks for enlightening me as to what “naked running” really is 😉 if i ran I would be a naked runner for sure!


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