I’ll Tell You Why…

Food For Thought Friday - #F4TFridayIf you aren’t familiar with this site, the content is split into three main sections:

  1. Erotic fiction and poetry
  2. Naughty photos
  3. Thoughts, feelings and opinions

The reasons for each section are slightly different.

The oldest section is the writing section. I used to read a fair bit of fiction on sites like Literotica and, while a lot of it was good, a lot of it was dire. There was a tendency among the male contributors to make it all very functional and all about the male experience; how hard he fucked her, how tight her cunt felt around his cock, how hard he came (and of course, she always came too from just what he did with his cock). It was formulaic, function, and pretty much anything other than erotic. I was almost certain I could do better, so I gave it a try.

The photography stemmed, as I’ve mentioned before, as a result of some very coercive coaxing from Cheryl Kaye and Charlie Powell; they were adamant there was a need for “more cock on #SinfulSunday” and, eventually, I obliged. There’s a certain challenge to taking naked selfies that I enjoy, and that is amplified when, as I do, many of these are taken outdoors.

Both of these sections were (and still are) intended for a wider audience. While I enjoy the creative aspect behind these, the main point of writing stories and posting photos is for other people to enjoy the results of said creative processes.

The third section is slightly different. Much of what I post on this section does arise from the various memes/prompts that I follow. The fact that I link to those particular prompts means that there is a reasonable likelihood that what I’ve written will be read by others. I am aware that I don’t have a particularly large following; there are maybe the same dozen or so bloggers who like/comment on my posts regularly and, as I no longer “self-promote” via social media, and I’m fine with that.

Largely though, the posts in this section aren’t really aimed at a wider audience; they are primarily an outlet for me. In my “about” page, I mention that this is the place where I howl at the moon when I need more than 280 characters to express myself. A lot of what I post in this section is highly personal, frequently raw and, I suspect, not always easy for others to read. The fact that people do take time to read and comment on my random mutterings is always quite humbling.

Much of the content that I post under the “Mind Matters” tag is really nothing more than an outlet for what I’m feeling at a given moment; a release for thoughts and feelings that have been bubbling away under the surface and need to be lanced. They aren’t really intended for a wider audience, but by virtue of the fact I post them publicly, people do read them, and I am always grateful for the support that is offered.

So why do I blog? Partially it’s a form of creative expression, and it is also a form of release. The content swings back and forth between these two sides depending on my mood/state of mind, and there is often a degree of overlap between the two. I can’t say with any certainty whether or not the blog will continue and, if it does, in what format it will take. It has undergone many changes, and wholesale deletions over the past eight or so years, and I suspect it may well undergo more in future. I explain the evolution of this blog in its current incarnation more fully in this post if anyone is interested.

I will always need an outlet for what I am thinking. Whether it is this blog or somewhere/something else remains to be seen.


3 thoughts on “I’ll Tell You Why…

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  1. Blogging is a wonderful thing – it appears to act like therapy for so many people. Hope you carry on letting us know your thoughts and I love your fiction too x


  2. ‘Partially it’s a form of creative expression, and it is also a form of release.’ … This I can definitely relate too. I very much hope that this space can continue to provide that for you in whatever way feels best for you, but if such a time come that you find a new outlet I very much hope you leave us all a forwarding address x


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