The Naughty List 2019

The 2019 Naughty List“He’s making a list, he’s checking it twice…” No, I’m not referring to the jolly judgemental fat beardy guy in the red suit; it’s time for me to put forward my selection of the naughtiest and nicest blogs that I’ve enjoyed this year.

As I’ve mentioned in previous years, unlike the Top 100 lists created by Molly and Kinkly, there is absolutely no science to my list; it is simply my attempt to recognise those bloggers who, most likely unknowingly, contribited to the richness of my life in some way during the past 12 months. I also like to try and mix things up and include different people from year to year.

Last year, I created the lifetime member  category to recognise the tireless work of Molly Moore, Kayla Lords and Marie Rebelle; three women who are the very bedrock that so much of this community rests upon. Carrying on that tradition (if doing something for the second time qualifies it as a “tradition”, I want to recognise another three bloggers this year.

Naughty List Lifetime MemberSo, without further ado, this year’s “Lifetime Member” inductees are:

  • Girl on The Net(@girlonthenet) – This woman has long been an inspiration to me. From the moment I read her first book, then discovered her blog I have been a massive fan. I love the honesty with which she writes; not just about sex, but about her emotional and mental health struggles. I love her sense of humour and her no-nonsense attitude to just go out there and say what she wants to say, how she wants to say it. She is, I’m certain, an inspiration to many of us, and I sincerely hope she continues to be so for a long time to come.
  • May More(@May_Matters) and Floss(@_floss_84) – I owe these two wonderful women a huge debt. Earlier this year, when it seemed that I would have to give up hosting the Food For Thought meme, May and Floss stepped in and took over. Since I passed the reins to them, I have watched it grow and develop, week after week, into something that has exceeded all my expectations.  It almost makes me wish I’d chosen to pass it to them earlier. Both bloggers have, quite rightly, been recognised in Molly’s list this year and I am certain they will continue to keep us entertained in 2020.

So now to the main event itself. In alphabetical order, I have great pleasure in presenting to you:

Kilted Wookie’s 2019 Naughty List

Feel free to wear your “Naughty List” badges with whatever level of pride seems appropriate.


19 thoughts on “The Naughty List 2019

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  1. Oh I absolutely will be displaying my badge with pride 🙂 Living it up as a lifetime member with Kayla, Molly, Marie, GoTN and May, that’s not a bad place to be, in fact, I think that selection of people is a party waiting to happen, lol. Imagine all the hijinks we could get up too :p x


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