Rising From The Shadows

Prompt: "Shadows" I arise in the in the first light of dawn, where the world seems out of focus to my freshly opened eyes, to start another day. KW

The Back Of 2019

And so, there we have it, another year almost consigned to the history books. I hope you've enjoyed the images that everyone has posted over the past 12 months. Wishing you all, health, happiness and good fortune in 2020 and beyond... KW PS: I'm not being big headed and suggesting that mine is THE back... Continue Reading →


I could claim I'm trying to leave something to the imagination, but given that most of you will have seen it before (some of you possibly in person), I'm really not fooling anyone, least of all myself... 😉 Still, if body hair, hands and thighs are your thing, this photo probably still ticks the boxes...... Continue Reading →

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