Handle With Care

Prompt: "H is for..." Would anyone care to help me with this? KW

Creature Of Darkness

Prompt: "Halloween" In the darkness; the (furry) monster under the bed, the thing that goes bump in the night. KW Who else is sinning this Sunday? Click on the lips below to find out.

Naked Running

Prompt: "Get Down Low" I do a fair amount of running; typically between 15-20km each week. Usually, my running is done "naked". Now, as appealing as that may sound, and the evidence of the photograph above to the contrary, naked running isn't quite what you might think. In runner's parlance, "naked running" is simply running... Continue Reading →

Front & Side Views

Prompt: "Two Views" They didn't quite line up perfectly, but here you have me massaging my poor achey shoulder from the side, and from the front. Other parts of me are also available for massage on request... KW Who else is sinning this Sunday? Click on the lips below to find out.

Standing Stone

Prompt: "Outtake" This picture is kind of a catalogue of errors and I always wondered if/when I'd ever be able to use it. It does demonstrate some of the difficulties of taking selfies. It was taken at mid-summer last year. Believe it or not, there was actuially a fair bit of light still in the... Continue Reading →

Darkest Depths

Prompt: "G is for Greyscale" #SinfulSunday has been one of my favourite memes since the very start of my blogging career, I love it for its creativity, but, above all, I love it for its sense of community, its inclusiveness, and the way that it fosters the concept of body positivity to enhance each participant's... Continue Reading →

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