#SinfulSunday Round-Up

​I can’t believe that the last time I did the round-up was all the way back in 2015 in week 233. Where has the time gone?

Of the 39 bloggers who took part that time, just over half of us (21) are still occasional/regular participants. Of the 41 submissions (not including my own) posted this time around, there were 13 of who participated both times.

While it’s sad that a number of bloggers have either stopped posting or deleted their blogs over the last 2½ years, it is wonderful that there are so many “new” bloggers who have joined in during the same time.

So, anyway, If I’d thought that having done a round-up previously would, somehow, make it easier this time around, I was wrong. Eroticon, it would seem, only served to get peoples’ creative juices flowing.

So, after much pondering and agonising, and in no order whatsoever, here is my pick of week 362.

Dry – Frisky in the 916

There is something beautifully raw and definitely melancholic about this picture. As well as being amazingly candid, it spoke to me in a way of shared darkness and aloneness. The black and white edit gives it an almost “Film Noir” grittiness that just makes it real and so full of feeling.

60 – Eye

I have long been an admirer of Eye, and I just loved both these photos as a both a celebration of her birthday and the sheer joy she throws at life. The images capture her sense of fun and her sensuality.

Been Here – Cammies on the Floor

Ask just about anyone, and they will probably tell you I am much more of a boob than an arse man. When I see photos like this one though, it’s not so clear cut. I love the provocatively seductive pose; a challenge almost as much as an invitation. I love the softness and the colours, the contrasts and shadows. Look, I just love this image, OK?

Feeling The Eroticon Effect – Submissy

As much as her body entrances and captivates, I love the rainbow effect of the lighting on this one. That and the fact that she is very brazenly standing in front of the glass doors and could so easily be seen from the windows across the way. Fun and flirtatious and just a wee bit naughty.

While I Was Sleeping – Krystal Minx

From the moment I saw this one, I knew I was including it. While it may have been, as Krystal says, Mr Minx copping a cheeky feel, the air of this photo is one of just a very tenderly intimate scene between the participants. Despite the sharpness of the image, there is a dreamy quality about it, depicting a relaxed and cosy intimacy; which is what Sunday mornings should be all about.

So, there you go. Congratulations and thanks to all who took part and made this such a pleasurably difficult task for me once again.  See you again in another 2½ years…


Sinful Sunday Share Our Shit


The Sin Bin

Like probably just about anyone who has ever been asked to do the round-up for this week’s #SinfulSunday, my first thought was of just how much of a privilege it was for Molly to be entrusting me with this task.  This thought was quickly replaced with, “oh fuck, what have I done?” when I saw the task that was before me.

It’s probably fair to say that if I could easily have had 3 or 4 completely different “top 5s”, such was the quality of the submissions, but here, after much agonising, and in no particular order are my picks for this week.

Party dress – Sex Is My New Hobby
I’ve always been a sucker for nice black & white images, and this one is no exception. There is a simplicity to the photos that is appealing. The contrast of the black dress against the pale skin draws the eye in. The slightest hint of Basic Instinct in the second image adds to the overall appeal of this submission.

At the door… – The Other Livvy
Another black & white image. Every week Livvy delivers the goods, and she did it again this week. Those lovely legs draw the eye upwards and, the way her hand rests on the door-handle makes you wonder if she’s about to let someone in, of if she has just closed the door and is waiting for a lover to take her.

Come sit next to me – Steeled Snake
Simple, yet it speaks volumes. The photo catches the eye and every time I look at it, another detail becomes apparent. From the red of her toenails, up those wonderfully fishnet clad legs, to the rise of her breasts and the relaxed, and inviting pose; the whole thing oozes sexiness with am “I want you to play with me” naughtiness.

#PYB – Illicit Thoughts
Three for the price of one (or should that be six?) Anyway Kat beautifully illustrates a very important cause. Hell, I wouldn’t mind examining them myself. In all seriousness though, it is a very important message and, knowing how self-concious Kat can be, a very brave way to bring it to everyone’s attention.

Outdoor suspension – Cammies On The Floor
This lady has probably done more for rope sales than 50 Shades. I’m almost certain that if we could see her face there would be a huge, cheeky smile on it. If only all trapeze artists could put on a show like this.

So, there you have it. Congratulations to the 5 who ended up being sent to the Sin Bin. Apologies to those of you I couldn’t include. If I’d been allowed a top 38, it would have been so much easier.


Sinful Sunday

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