Darkest Depths

Darkest DepthsPrompt: “G is for Greyscale”

#SinfulSunday has been one of my favourite memes since the very start of my blogging career, I love it for its creativity, but, above all, I love it for its sense of community, its inclusiveness, and the way that it fosters the concept of body positivity to enhance each participant’s sense of self-esteem and self-confidence. Those of us who take part, talk about it helping us with our own image and perceptios of ourselves.

The physical, however, is only part of the story. Our mental and emotional well-being is also hugely important. It is generally accepted that mental health issues affect one in four people and, within this particular community of ours, it seems that the prevalence is even higher (although that may just be down to our willingness to openly discuss topics that many people find difficult air).

I have always been open about my struggles with depression, both on my blog and on Twitter. I have, as some are aware, been going through a particularly dark spell recently. This week’s photo is actually one I took quite a while ago and I’ve never quite found the courage to post it as it didn’t seem to fit with my perception of “positivity”. Recenltly, however, Cat and May have got together to form Sex Bloggers For Mental Health – #SB4MH and this seemed like the ideal way to promote another meme that supports a cause I feel very strongly about.


Who else is sinning this Sunday?
Click on the lips below to find out.

Sinful Sunday Sex Bloggers for Mental Health - #SB4MH


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