Final Exposure

Final Exposure#FebPhotoFest comes to an end for another year. I hope you have enjoyed the images I have shared with you over the past 28 days.


Arse Wednesday February Photofest
Scavenger Hunt Gold


BarleySo, I’m not renowned for being especially jolly, nor am I green or a Giant, but something about this image put me in mind of those old adverts.


Throwback Thursday February Photofest
Scavenger Hunt Gold

“D” is for Driving

D is for DrivingPrompt: “D Is For…”

What could be better on a lovely, warm, summer’s afternoon than a nice drive in the country? Somehow, it seemed appropriate to dig this one out of the vault and give it another airing, as it were.

Anyone fancy going for a (Sinful)Sunday drive?


Who else is sinning this Sunday?
Click on the lips below to find out.

Sinful Sunday

Scavenger Hunt Gold

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