Before And After

Prompt: "Transmogrify" After a busy day at work, it is nice to just chill out on the sofa. KW Who else is sinning this Sunday? Click on the lips below to find out. Molly says: "I really did spend ages with this image and in the end realised I was almost treating it like a... Continue Reading →


Business (Un)Dress

So, almost two years ago, I posted this image. A lot has happened in that time; some of it good, some of it less so. The point is, I guess, that despite ups and downs a plenty, I'm still here and the only thing I seem to have lost is, as per usual, my clothes...... Continue Reading →

Suit Porn?

Well, I’m wearing a suit… While I suspect the #SinfulSunday audience may approve, I’m not so sure it would go down quite as well when meeting potential or existing clients. Still, at the end of a long, hard day in the office, it’s nice just to relax and let it all hang out, as it... Continue Reading →

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